Calling the Glacier ____________________________________________ An interactive art project by soundartist Kalle Laar

Calling the Glacier is part of the art and environmental initiative overtures.
A project by artcircolo

In the year 2000 the Overtures project series launched a transdisciplinary research project aimed at our changing perception of water.
The goal was to create a common perspective for an internationally networked approach to resource topics through a communicative process, with water as an example. Artists in cooperation with partners from various disciplines develop works of art that question and comment the effects that dramatic climate change, together with our modern lifestyle, will have on water ecosystems, the environment as a whole and our society.
With its independent and frequently unorthodox approach, contemporary art is predestined as a vehicle for fertile communication strategies for scientists and technologists in discourses independent of specific interests. Ideally, art provides people with tangible patterns they can identify with. As such, it is better suited than other genre to making complex, multifaceted topics, such as the economics of water, accessible to the general public while at the same time providing a fresh, existentially relevant perspective.

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