Calling the Glacier ____________________________________________ An interactive art project by soundartist Kalle Laar

Ars Electronica 2007 Linz, Austria

Artists, in collaboration with technologists and scientists, staged and ran an Environmental Office to provide environmental information, monitoring and control. The ironic use of an office serves as an allusion to the self-perception of companies in relation to their societal credibitlity. This was happening in the Marienstrasse, which itself became a part of the Second City, part of the festivals invasion of second life.

The projects by Kalle Laar, Rúrí and Silver & Hanne Rivrud document the way in which artists utilize changing modes of communication, interaction and storytelling within the spectrum of mobile technologies, and how they use these to take a public position on controversial issues.

Environmental Office, Dr. Serafine Lindemann, Curator and overtures project director

The artwork YPMS (Your Personal Message Sculptureby Kalle Laar was reenacted virtually as part of the design of the real Pfarrplatz in second life. Touching the sculpture with your avatar, Calling the Glacier would be activated, establishing a direct line to the microphone on the Pasterze glacier.

"Your Personal Message Sculpture", in the press- and info center. Via SMS data from the glacier were arriving updated every hour and shown on the LED moving screen.


"Hydroformance" Panel discussion,
live on air at Austrian Ö1,

with Dr. Ludwig Braun (Kommission for Glaciology),
Dr. Söke Dinkla, (artistic director Cultural Capital Duisburg 2010),
Prof. Gabriella Giannachi (Centre for Intermedia University of Exeter UK),
Dr. Serafine Lindemann (artcircolo),
Kalle Laar, Rúrí (artist, Iceland),
Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica director),
Dr. Bernd Wiemann (Vodafone Group R&D Germany)



website ars electronica
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