Interactive Soundart Projects

___Calling the Glacier________________________________

Pasterze, Grossglockner, Austria

The ars electronica invited Calling the Glacier to apply the project to the Pasterze glacier. The official authorization by the National Park Hohe Tauern-Kärnten for the project in the special nature protection area has been rewarded until october 2008.

First the microphone has been placed directly on the surface, above a temporary glacier stream. During the last expedition a few weeks later in october 2007 the surface had already changes considerably, and the microphone was sunk into a glacier mill about 6 -7 meters deep. Therefore now you can call the heart of the glacier directly.
Like with the Vernagtferner, power is supplied by solar panels, feeding an accumulator.

These are mounted on a aluminum scaffold, holding also some measurement instruments of the Central Institute for Metorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), supporting our project. In wintertime the spot is very difficult to reach, and due to the expected snowfall the system might be silenced temporarily from mid-april to may

1. Expedition: 17. – 19. July 2007

2. Expedition & technichal installation: 30. August – 1. September 2007

3. Expedition & moving the mikrophone into a glacier mill: 16. - 17. October 2007

Against the experiences and forecast of the ZAMG Vienna the water inside the snow above the ice rose higher then estimated, flooding and thus destroying the project electronics. This event brought new insights for the scientist but due to the lack of additional funding needed the Pasterze-project had to be discontinued ⇒ Film